For thousands of years, the solar system has fascinated humans, allowing them to question their existence. Although that question continues to be a debate in the science community, the advancement of technology has allowed earthlings to see the inner workings of space from the comfort of their own home.

The Best View in the Solar System wows audiences with its aerial shots of earth and the dark abyss that is outer space. Each frame works in step with the hypnotic, techno music track. It takes advantage of time lapse integration to give the three-minute short a nice balance. Viewers can see earth from different angles and the close-ups reveal the planet’s majestic beauty.

What’s amazing about this video is the vibrant colors that juxtaposes against the dark sky. The aerial video shots allows the audience to see outlines of different lands, a still shot of the polar ice caps, hurricanes maturing, and the complexities of the ocean. One thing that stands out about this video is its ability to say everything without saying anything, that is to say, saying more with less. Omitting narration allows users to watch the video without any influence or reservation.

No one can pretend to understand the infinity of the solar system, its development, or the mysteriousness of earth’s formation. However, what this video does allow is for audiences to witness the mystical beauty of outer space without having to be there. It encourages the inquisitiveness that everyone has and gives people, the permission to let their imagination to run wild.

The Best View in the Solar System is a mesmerizing demo video.