Parc Olympique Engaging Print Design

These Prints Infuse Active Imagery Into Their Designs To Inform Viewers Instantly

Parc Olympique is a unique Montreal site that caters to both tourists and citizens from the area who use it as a community space.

The website promotes the iconic stadium used to host the summer Olympics. To this day, this arena offers a number of activities and services to the community. And to cement their status, they needed an advertising platform to rebrand.

Not only do these ads showcase the park's activities, but they also display the various shows and games that take place within it. And they do that through a clever infusion if energetic imagery.

These ads grab attention immediately. That’s a result of the vibrant colors used. But this imagery also tells a story.

From nets to chopsticks and beyond — these ads promote the activities and services that visitors can engage with. And this imagery creates a sense of urgency by showing people specifically what they can participate in when they visit this destination.

This gives viewers direct access to everything this brand has to offer. It adds a vibrancy and an effervescence to the Parc Olympique personality that encourages people to take action and plan a trip.

This imagery comes in the form of physical images and cut-out shapes. But in both instances, this imagery adds an energy that demands to be experienced.

Parc Olympique Playful Print Design

Bright Colors Grab Attention And Create A Feeling Of Excitement And Urgency

While this innovative use of imagery brings these print designs to life, there’s another element that grabs attention and reels viewers in. And that element is the spectacular use of color.

These prints are covered in bright colors. Each ad gets its own individual pop of vibrancy in the form of a bright hue. This color is exciting and enchanting. It creates a sense of urgency and fosters a feeling of anticipation.

These colors are soft and alluring. And they work as the perfect backdrop to the images that dance in the forefront.

Color is powerful. It affects emotions and affects consumer behaviors. Color makes people feel things about a brand and about an experience that they wouldn’t otherwise.

That’s what we call color psychology — the impact of color on the brain. And its effect here is tangible.

The colors used here are rich and fiery. They are upbeat and positive. They make you look and listen. These colors make you pay attention because of their uplifting connotations and inspiring vibes.

The colors here are open and welcoming — much like this arena hopes to be.

This brand wants to attract more people and the best way to do it is to make them feel happy and excited to visit — and these colors help alter emotions to achieve these results.

Parc Olympique Cool Print Design

Cut Out Shapes Give These Prints A 3D Effect, Captivating Viewers

An eye-catching element here are the cutouts that add a layer of depth and texture to the design.

The analog part of the design really stands out. It uses actual cut-out shapes instead of a totally digital approach. This gives it a wonderful 3-D effect.

Technically, the process involved cutting out 80 vector shapes from 1/16 inch-thick cardboard, applying four layers of paint, and then waiting eight hours for it to dry. The shapes were then used to produce the 12 posters. No glue or string was employed. The desired perspective and texture was achieved entirely through the use of stacked coins.

This is extremely innovative and deliberate. It shows a very talented team of designers and shows a brand that is ready to go above and beyond to provide an experience. And visitors can expect the same experience when they visit Parc Olympique itself.

The final design achieves a surprising result that stands out, not only for the simple bright color palette but also for the labor-intensive technique that was used to create this 3D effect.

This wasn’t an easy task. But it helps these designs stand out from the rest. You don’t normally see print designs that have depth. You don’t normally see designs that look 3D and quite literally are. And that’s the point.

This Olympic park wanted to stand out — not just because of its history and legacy, but because it has so much more to offer visitors today.

Parc Olympique Fun Print Design

A Minimal Design Aesthetic Shows The Brand’s Modernity

When you look at these print designs, a lot stands out. At first, you see the color. It’s bright and edgy and modern. And then you see the imagery that is poignant, powerful and urgent. You might then see the depth that comes from the 3D cutouts and textures.

But what really ties all of these elements together is a thematic aesthetic — and that comes from a modern minimalism that puts cleanliness and simplicity first.

These designs are straightforward and bold. They consist of a bright pop of color, a real-life image and a cutout that makes them different. But there is plenty of open, empty space that makes it smooth and fluid for people to take in and absorb.

Minimalism is a driving design trend that aligns brands as modern and engaging. It shows that they are current with the times and understand how to interact and communicate with audiences.

This park was once home to the Olympics. And while that is powerful and historic, it can feel outdated and unimportant.

That’s why the brand needed a facelift and that’s what this minimalist design helps to accomplish.

These designs catapult the Parc Olympique into the 21st century. These prints show visitors that they can have a similar, spectacular and memorable experience when they visit. They just have to take the first step.

Parc Olympique Print Design

What Is Parc Olympique?

Parc Olympique is Montreal’s Olympic Park. It was created to host the 1976 summer Olympics.

A daring architectural site, the Olympic Park was built to accommodate the 1976 Summer Olympics and has since been host to more than one hundred million visitors.  Whether to admire Montreal from atop the highest inclined tower in the world, to attend an event in the Stadium, to exercise at the Sports Centre—which is also home to major national and international competitions—or to take part in an outdoor event at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life, there is something for everyone at the Olympic Park. The Olympic Park grounds and its thirteen on-site partners are visited by four million people every year. Open to the world and in harmony with the neighbouring community of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, the Olympic Park has become a unique recreational and tourist attraction where creation, discovery, entertainment, and sport coexist side-by-side.

This stunning structure has become a top tourist attraction in the city of Montreal — it captures a history and a heritage that it continues to promote to this day.

But with its 40th anniversary on the horizon, the park wanted to transform its identity and take on a more uplifting and energetic spirit to attract more audiences and inspire more people.

They turned to design agency IG2 to take on this task.

According to the agency behind the creation of these print designs:

On the cusp of its 40th anniversary, the Olympic Park embarked on a major shift in both its vision and its public role. As one of Montreal’s must-see venues, it remains a choice destination for Montrealers, Quebecers and tourists alike. The guiding principles of the brand revitalization centred on restoring the Park’s popularity to the levels seen right after the 1976 Games, honouring the past, yet celebrating its place in the current city, while always taking inspiration from the world of sport.

The agency was tasked with creating an entirely new identity to promote the park’s exciting activities and attractions. The brand wanted to align itself with a more influential, inspirational and playful effervescence and this studio grabbed onto that idea beautifully.

An entire campaign was launched including print designs, a website upgrade and more. It transformed Parc Olympique and turned it into a destination that everyone in Montreal and beyond wanted to visit.

Parc Olympique Creative Print Design

The Power Of Innovative Techniques In Print Design

These print designs for Parc Olympique are vibrant, engaging and enchanting. They grab attention immediately and offer a seductive and mysterious look into what this famous arena has to offer.

To celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, the brand enlisted the help of a design studio to craft an entire identity fit with accompanying design materials — print ads included.

These billboards and posters line sidewalks and stations, giving the stadium a modern and urban feel that makes it feel like more than a historic landmark. It’s a place where people can explore and create their own adventures.

With color, imagery and shape, these designs stand out from the rest and show people that this park is ready to create whatever experience you want to have.

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