New York-Presbyterian Hospital's Video Uses A Minimal Aesthetic To Break Down The Complex Functions Of The Heart

New York-Presbyterian Hospital unveiled an exciting and innovative new procedure for fixing the heart muscle using an artificial valve that travels through the blood and into the heart. This procedure hopes to put an end to unnecessary open heart surgery.

And to promote the new valve, and simplify the medical concept as a whole, the team rolled out an informative video to teach people about the new operation.

This minute-long video walks viewers through the process of implanting this valve, and how it works to fix worn out tissue without the need for open heart surgery. It’s not an easy concept to cover, and it certainly has the potential to be a stressful topic to try and condense into such a short video design.

But the team here did a beautiful job creating a minimalist video design that captures the concept without confusing the viewer.

There is a powerful and robust voiceover that is clean and clear, walking people through the procedure and showing them how it is performed.

Simple and serene animations fill the screen using familiar shapes to show viewers about the heart and about the new valve.

There is plenty of empty white space and a clean, cohesive color scheme that keeps the video consistent from beginning to end. This video is clean. It's open. It's full of space and air and simplicity.

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And this minimal aesthetic really helps to make this clinical content more digestible and easy to follow, while simultaneously reducing the stress and anxiety that comes with such a deep and dark topic.

Minimalism is a popular design trend, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s a trend used to give off a modern and sophisticated persona, and here it does the same. It shows that this hospital is a modern innovator in the field and that this cutting-edge procedure is the future of medicine.

But the minimalism also works to simplify a confusing concept and make it more approachable for viewers, hopefully encouraging them to turn to this hospital and this procedure instead of more complicated and damaging ones.

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Smooth Motion Graphics Inform Viewers Of A New Valve Built To Protect Human Life

Motion graphics have become an increasingly popular tool to use for informative explainer videos. That’s because they do a great job of taking big, complex and complicated concepts and making them more relatable and approachable.

So in this design, marrying a minimalist aesthetic with motion graphics really creates a cohesive and clean design that immediately makes an impact.

Motion graphics show a class and an authority on the part of the brand. It shows that not only do they understand such a lofty concept, but they know that maybe their audience doesn’t. And they know how to simplify it to make it easier for their target audience to digest.

In this video, users are taken on a journey through the heart. They are told that the heart is a pump, and like all pumps, sometimes it needs to be fixed.

You’re then taken on a journey through the body system, led by a cute little umbrella that takes the place of the new heart valve used to simplify heart procedures and provide patients with quicker, less invasive care.

And the fluid and organic way these shapes, characters and instances flow from one to the next is powerful and serene. It creates a story that is easy to follow and fun to witness. And it shows that this hospital and this procedure is one that you can trust.

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An Enchanting Color Scheme Keeps Branding Consistent While Also Staying On Topic

This video is made up of three simple, common and impactful colors — white, black and red. These colors make up the shapes that dance across the screen and the background that holds it all together. There is a simplicity in the limited number of colors here that is immediately telling, adding to the minimalist aesthetic and creating a cohesive experience.

There is less confusion and messiness thanks to this three-color limit. It makes the video easier to follow. And the colors themselves are bold enough that they stand at attention and demand to be seen.

These colors are also the same colors used in most of the hospital's branded materials. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital logo is created in the same shade of vibrant red, and most of its posters, brochures and more are littered with these hues.

And by incorporating them here, this video is showing that the hospital is a strong entity with a history and a legacy that can’t be ignored. It keeps branding consistent and shows an authenticity and an authority.

But the color in this video also makes sense for another reason — red is the color of blood. And this video is talking about the heart — so red is almost an obvious, necessary choice. Black and white are traditional colors, so their integration here is also required to give an integrity and to help the red coloring stand out even more.

Color is an easy way to keep a brand consistent across mediums and to widen its reach. And by using such an eye-catching color as red, this video ensures that everyone who watches it will remember the content at hand and will think about this daring procedure if they or their loved ones ever have a need for heart surgery.

The Video Design Incorporates Familiar Shapes To Make The Process Of Open Heart Surgery Easy To Understand

Another creative element of this video is the overall simplicity of it that comes from the motion graphics and the shapes they create.

This is a video about heart surgery. You would think it would be full of medical imagery like equipment, organs and the like. But this video shied away from anything and everything clinical and sterile, instead, showing viewers familiar and easy-to-remember shapes that don’t make people feel as squeamish.

When talking about the rib cage around the heart, this video puts a heart in a bird cage. When it shows the valve, it shows a simple umbrella zooming through a maze. When it shows the valve fixing the heart, the problem becomes a zipper that zips right up like it’s shiny and new again.

These basic shapes simplify larger, more clinical concepts in a stunning way. And it was a powerful choice on the part of the hospital.

Heart surgery is scary. It’s intimidating and it is feared. But this simple and smile-inducing video aims to make the process less scary. And basic shapes help with that.

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It could have come off as too juvenile and unprofessional. But instead, it shines as a powerful way to inform and educate users to act.

And it ties in beautify with the elegant, clean and approachable tone that this video gives off. It wouldn’t make sense to see real-looking organs and instruments. It would have felt too sterile and too unfamiliar.

And it would have been easily forgotten.

What Is The “Journey To The Heart” Video Trying To Promote?

This video is part of a campaign by New York-Presbyterian Hospital called “Journey To The Heart.” It’s a campaign by the hospital to promote a new form of heart surgery — one that is less invasive and requires less time on the part of the patient.

This video and campaign highlight Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). It’s a procedure for people with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis who are at a high risk for open heart surgery.

This artificial aortic valve travels to the heart through the blood so that doctors don’t have to cut through the rib cage and open up the heart for surgery.

The procedure requires the patient to be in the hospital for 24 hours, but then they are free to leave.

It’s a minimally invasive surgery that was pioneered by doctors and researched in hospitals across New York City. And this video promotes it beautifully.

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What Makes This Motions Graphics Film So Successful?

This video for a new artificial heart valve by New York-Presbyterian Hospital is a stunning visual example of serene and soothing motion graphics and their ability to simplify a complex and scary topic.

Thanks to the fluid animations and the minimal aesthetic, the topic of open heart surgery is condensed into an easy-to-digest form. A clean layout, deliberate and consistent color choice and basic shape use really brings the video together and creates a story about this new valve that is appealing and engaging.

And it takes the intimidating medical elements out to ensure that viewers understand the process and remember it if the time were to ever come for them or their family.

This video is clever and impactful, and the motion graphics really tie it all up in a neat little bow.

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