• Mazda USA Great Homepage

    Mazda’s E-Commerce Site Revolutionizes How You Buy Cars Online With Creative Design Elements

    Mazda is a Japanese automaker known worldwide for its stunning and sophisticated automobiles. The carmaker was first founded in 1920, and 89 years later, the brand is still known for its well-made vehicles. It’s a brand that’s instantly recognizable, with cars that stun and a logo that oozes class.

    Most of the vehicles produced by Mazda are produced in its Japanese plants, a testament to the brand’s connection to its history and heritage. The brand celebrates driving — which is its actual tagline — and infuses that passion into its products, their production and their distribution.

    But this iconic brand didn’t always go by Mazda. The name actually came into being in 1931, after the first three-wheeled truck was initially introduced. Here’s the full story behind the name that has stood the test of time:

    Made by a company that was then managed by a man named Matsuda, the name “Mazda-go” sounds fitting enough. The question is, how come it was spelt “Mazda” instead of “Matsuda”? “Mazda” comes from Ahura Mazda, the god of harmony, intelligence and wisdom from the earliest civilization in West Asia. Key members of Toyo Kogyo interpreted Mazda as a symbol of the beginning of the East and the West civilization, but also a symbol of the automotive civilization and culture. Striving to make a contribution to the world peace and to be a light in the automotive industry, Toyo Kogyo was renamed Mazda Motor Corporation. “Mazda” was also a perfect way to pay respect to the substantial founder, whose family name is pronounced very close to “Mazda”.

    Similarly, this brand’s identity has gone through a variety of facelifts and refreshes. In name, and in logo design. The brand has a long history of trying new things, engaging in innovative techniques and technologies and staying fresh for its consumers. The brand is an exciting innovator, with a dedication to pushing boundaries and giving consumers the experience that’s right for them.

    In that same thread, the brand wants to give users an exciting, well-rounded experience in-store, and online. And their website offers a refreshing, exciting and serene interface for users to interact with — making the car-buying experience more friendly and approachable.

    This attention-grabbing, stunning website puts users in direct contact with the products they’re looking for.

    Mazda USA Sleek Website Design

    The Mazda Web Portal Infuses Creative And Engaging Movement To Lead Users On Their Journey

    This sophisticated and powerful website design highlights the Mazda automobiles in a stunning, luxurious and exciting way. This is done through a clean layout, bold typography, moody orientation — but most importantly, through the use of clever and creative animation and movement.

    The animations are subtle so as not to take away from the beautiful photo slowly moving upward in our browser window. The black text slowly fades out rather than simply disappearing abruptly. Everything feels well thought out and carefully designed, a feeling that Mazda would like you to associate across their entire brand; from their website to their vehicles.

    This movement is subtle, yet strong. Images scroll in and out through powerful parallax scrolling. Text fades and animations dance.

    Impactful video automatically plays as you scroll, adding a beautiful dynamic quality to the design that pushes you along and keeps you engaged.

    This animation is also seen on product pages, guiding users through the rows of cars and allowing them to learn more with ease. Scrolling over the images, these cars jump to the forefront. As your mouse scrolls away, the images lose their color and shine.

    Similarly, important stats and figures slide up into view. The subtle fading is mysterious and creative. It’s enigmatic and compelling. These captivating effects add a touch of class to the design and create an air of happiness and luxury that pushes people to action instead of overwhelming them with too much information.

    Movement is compelling in design. Not only does it show a talent and an excellence in terms of your brand and its design potential, but it also shows that your brand is one that stays up-to-date with the times and has an ability to stay fresh and exciting in the mind of its consumers.

    Mazda USA Great Photographs

    Mazda’s Website Incorporates Refreshing Layering Elements To Put Users In The Buying Mindset

    When you visit an automobile website, you prepare mentally to be beaten over the head with a relentless sales push. But that’s not the case with the Mazda online web page.

    The Mazda USA website is refreshingly inviting and well-designed. Immediately you’re greeted with their products but it's not overwhelming or pushy.

    The homepage is clean, sleek and moody. There’s a bold product image with bright, white text highlighting the products, services and other website offerings.

    The colors of the vehicles in the photo are the same colors used consistently throughout the website. Mazda is immediately building their brand through the effective use of simple and consistent colors once visitors land on their home page.

    This is true to the brand and cohesive, creating a well-rounded experience that seamlessly leads users as they scroll, click and navigate through the automotive offerings.

    There’s also a lack of jarring movement and frustrating company messages, creating an even more serene and peaceful car buying experience. There are no annoying pop-ups offering financing deals. Just a clean, sleek home page with the option to see their latest offers or scroll down and learn more.

    And there’s an exciting layering effect that further subdues and inspires.

    Scrolling down is surprisingly satisfying. Rather than moving down the page, the next portion of the website moves up to slowly cover the section the user has been looking at. This gives the site a layered feeling and sets a clear definition of where one section ends and the next begins.

    And this parallax scrolling certainly entices, lulling you further along down the website and closer to making a purchase.

    As you scroll, new images fill the screen evoking feelings of luxury and craftsmanship. If you weren’t aware this was a Mazda website, and you removed the text, people would likely assume they are looking at an image of a Lincoln, Cadillac, Lexus, or some other luxury brand.

    The photos are positioned in a way that guides your eyes naturally through the page. The initial focal point is the shift lever. Then, the eyes flow smoothly along the center console. The wood grain and sleek chrome guide the focus toward the soft, brown leather seats. Finally, the white typeface takes over to finish the job. Every single part of this image serves a purpose.

    This layering and intricate scrolling add a sophistication and class to the website and products. It adds an edge and a mood that refuses to be ignored.

    Further down is another image that perfectly fits with the theme of the website.

    Once again, the same colors are used in this image as we saw the very top of the site. A silver paint applicator initially grabs your attention and moves your eyes along the spray of paint toward the white text. Just like in the center console image, everything here works to move your eyes across the page from left to right, ensuring you take in every detail.

    Finally, a quick view of the product page shows a refreshingly clean display of the vehicles available. Again, the colors are consistent with the rest of the website.

    There is no clutter or any other element to draw focus away from what really matters: the vehicles. The typography is simple, easy to read, and sharp against the off-white background. Clearly, Mazda understands website design just as well as they understand vehicle design. This website is beautiful and intuitive from start to finish.

    Mazda USA Great Product Page

    Mazda’s Innovative And Exciting Website Provides Users With A Online Car Buying Experience Unlike Any Other

    The Mazda website is moody, exciting and bold. It leads users along a buyer’s journey that is creative, soothing and compelling. It’s a captivating online interface that makes use of a variety of design elements perfect for grabbing a consumer’s attention and leading them to a purchase.

    The overall layout of this design is sleek and clean. There’s a plethora of clean, empty and negative space that puts the products on full display, and soothing, moving typography that fades in and out.

    This website packs a lot of information into a streamlined interface. Layering effects add a depth and sophistication. Animations add interactivity and engagement. Overall, these designs work together seamlessly to create a user experience that changes how consumers buy cars online.

    It’s a fun and simple design that achieves a lot in such a small amount of space. Movement, interactivity, soothing layers and bold content engages from the second you enter the web page up until you make your purchase. And the entire time, you feel peaceful and at ease.

    This web design is serene and captivating — transforming the online car-buying experience and setting itself apart from the competition in terms of excellence, innovation and creativity.

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