L.L. Bean is an American retailer offering a variety of outdoor apparel & footwear, as well as sporting & camping gear. For its Holiday 2017 advert, the retailer released a video advertising their cozy and soft pyjamas, for a cozier way to gather together for the holidays.

The video opens to a visual of a family with parents and two children, a boy and a girl, gathering around the fireplace on Christmas eve to hang stockings. Viewers are also shown the decorated Christmas tree, surrounded by a pile of gifts. The kids leave out cookies and milk for Santa, and go to sleep. However, when they wake up, they find that the gifts have disappeared. After searching inside the house, the gifts and tree are discovered outside the house, in a snowy verandah. The children and the parents put on their L.L. Bean coats and beanies and go out to the tree in the cold. The simple yet engaging story manages to advertise L.L. Bean products, while also emotionally appealing to the audience.

The characters in the ad are extremely relatable and well-written. The first part of the video features conversation in the background instead of music, emphasizing the characters. Slowly, the Grinch's signature song enters as the plot thickens. However, the background score of the second half of the ad is a livelier rendition that keeps up with the holiday theme.

The storytelling technique is engaging and minimal on the dialogues, focusing more on visuals to tell the story. The colors used in the advert also heavily feature holiday colors like red, green, white and blue. The ad has a happy, celebratory and warm vibe to it, keeping with the theme as well as L.L. Bean’s brand identity. The products are advertised as part of the story, making for a great advertisement that doesn’t detract from the viewing experience. 

L.L.Bean: Holiday 2017 is a great commercial video.