Lights Fantastic is a showroom in Lewisville, Texas specializing in revolutionary light technology. One simple look at this video will make anyone interested in design want to redo the lighting in their home, office, or commercial enterprise.

The video is all about innovative light displays, and how a viewer’s own lighting could look if they’re in the market to modernize. The introductory shot opens with bright, circular light fixture that appears to not have bulbs inside, and is lit with LED. The camera then shifts and begins zooming through the showroom, featuring display after display of dazzling lights and modern, almost luxurious fixtures.

The video is narrated, and the speaker has an inviting and appealing Australian accent. The music behind the narration is electric, matching the theme of the video perfectly.

Next, come the set pieces, where lights are paired with props made to look like a home or an office. The purpose behind them is to make the viewer reimagine what is possible with lighting, showing fixtures such as a closet rod with LED underglow, a bathroom mirror with a subtle glow around the border, and even lights embedded in wall hangings and floor decor.

With a cinematic credit feel, two columns of company logos scroll along the screen—the left column going up, the right one going down—showing just how many designers are featured at the showroom. After the logos leave the screen, select few designers are showcased, their individual logos given screen space in the corners as their products are featured.

The thread of innovation is punctuated near the end when even the way some lights are turned on and off is shown off. Several rectangular LEDs are stacked like a double helix—a hand aligns two LEDs, and they light up. The combination of set pieces, innovative lights, music, and narration, sets a deliberate tone and makes the viewer want to incorporate these lights in their own space.

In an industry that has been more or less the same for the past several decades, Lights Fantastic Pro has set themselves up to be a disruptive force in lighting.

Lights Fantastic PRO is an awesome commercial video.