KFC’s Video Promotes The Brand’s Motto Of Finger Lickin’ Good Chicken

KFC, or as it was known up until 1991, Kentucky Fried Chicken is a fast food chain based in the United States. This restaurant chain specializes in — you guessed it — fried chicken. And it’s one of the top fast food restaurants when it comes to chicken products.

Headquartered in Kentucky, Louisiana, KFC has a long history of providing consumers with tasty, crunchy fried chicken. The name really does say it all — this being a brand based in Kentucky and serving fried chicken.

It’s almost poetic, but I digress.

KFC is, in fact, the second-largest fast-food chain, just behind McDonald’s with 20,000 locations across the globe. Most people would recognize the KFC logo, and they’d certainly recognize the iconic Colonel Sanders who sits at the center of the logo and most promotional materials.

KFC has a long history of being innovative and revolutionary. It pushed through the great depression and was one of the first brands to franchise. It was also one of the first fast-food brands to go international, opening stores in Canada and beyond before others jumped on the bandwagon.

The chain has a long history of being daring, having fun and working towards success. And in the digital era, they still dominate.

KFC has gone global, and this promotional video for the Australian branch of KFC further emphasizes the company’s dedication to its brand, its success and to its customers.

The KFC Video Ad Plays with Iconic Imagery, Playful Animation And Stunning Photography

This fun and playful video ad incorporates a lot of familiar elements within it. Firstly, you see the iconic image of Colonel Sanders himself. He opens up the video and narrates the story of this “Finger Lickin’ Good” chicken and how it came to be.

There’s also the integration of the familiar red and white color scheme that plays a huge role in the company’s logo and branding as a whole. This video certainly keeps branding consistent as the story plays out.

Illustrations dance before your eyes, with motion graphics that captivate and images that stun. One second, you’re watching a scene unfold in front of you. You see people at what looks to be a circus or fair, enjoying their time.

And then, the Colonel starts talking about KFC and its history, and a real-life bucket of chicken enters the animation in seamless and exciting fashion.

You’re then led on a journey as you watch this chicken being made, with characters working at every step of the process. You see locally sourced chickens and the process of distribution. You see little chicken wings being rolled out on an animated and illustrated conveyer belt. And you even see it land in the hands, or rather mouth, of the consumer.

Throughout the video, little images of actual KFC chicken and good items are seen. They are in buckets, being carried along the screen, being raised in the air by phantom hands and more. There’s a simplicity and modernity to the way these two styles of imagery collide in this design. It doesn’t look outdated or silly, it looks modern and fresh.

This video also puts the brand and its messaging first. The only colors used in this video are red, white and black — the iconic colors of KFC itself. Similarly, this video has a very vintage, old school vibe that is further emphasized by the southern drawl of the Colonel who is narrating the story of how KFC came to be, and why this chicken is so tasty.

Imagery collides beautifully, and the information is displayed in such a creative and engaging way that this video is hard to look away from.

And there’s also a playful edge to this video that comes from the swirling motion graphics and overall theme.

There’s a vintage and old-school vibe here — one that plays on simple pleasures and nostalgia. You see it in the old striped clothing, the cartoon carnival and the retro characters that bring this story to life.

The motion here is stunning and fun as well. It isn’t corporate or geometric or hard. It’s fun and fluid and inspiring.

This video makes eating chicken look like a game, and you’re more than ready to dive in.

This KFC Video Design Uses Motion Graphics, Playful Themes And Powerful Imagery To Stand Out

There are a number of different design elements that make up this video, and they all add to the overall look and feel. From the playful motion graphics, vintage themes and seamless combination of animation and real product shots, you don’t want to look away.

And you have full faith that this KFC chicken is “Finger Lickin’ Good.” But you’re also not afraid to give it a shot yourself.

This ad is a shining example of how to have fun with your video design, while also getting your point across in a stunning, sophisticated and comprehensive way.