• HiveBoxx Clean Homepage

    Hive Boxx is a moving company where the users can rent eco-friendly moving boxes that save time and money.

    The website is very clean and well-organized. The big bold titles stand out from the page that helps visually navigate through the page since it's clear what the section is about. I like the use of the big light typography on the background and simple animation in some areas and on hover. I like how the elements are popping out from the side when you scroll the page. There is a smart and consistent use of icons on the website, and small touches like those make the pages look even more attractive.

    The newsletter sign-up box is unique as well. The "subscribe" call to action appears only when you click on the field and about to start typing your email address.

    I personally like the big footer. It's well-organized and not cluttered. I like that I can find all sections on the website through it without making several clicks like I would do it through the main navigation. The animation of the trees is a nice touch -- it creates an illustration that you are moving and supports the company's business.

    HiveBoxx Clean Website Design

    How it works page is one of my favorite subpages on this website. It's important to explain the process to the users, so everybody knows what to expect. This page explains everything in a short, clear, and very graphical way that make it interesting to explore. UX on this page is very smart. They give users the option to get started right away and talk about pricing, savings, and how it helps to save the nature (while they show a video how it affects nature). It's a great selling point, since a lot of people care about the environment. Basically, they are telling you a story that gives you all information you need about how it works.

    This page is consistent with the homepage and elements like the bold copy, big images, light gray copy on the background. This makes the design very appealing.

    The only recommendation I would give is to make icons and titles larger in the sections where they are talking about steps since it's probably the most important section on this pages.

    HiveBoxx is a top website design in the Professional Services industry.