Smartwatches took the world by storm when Apple released the Apple Watch in 2015. As always, the tech giant’s innovative product has spun off countless new products, including CMRA, a third-party camera for the Apple Watch.

From the very beginning, the video commands a modern feel, while at the same time paying homage to the things of the past. The cinematography, like many successful Apple commercials which preceded it, focuses frame-by-frame on one thing at a time. A black background surrounds the product, and with the flash of a vintage camera, we see a montage of progressively newer cameras, a timeline of old to new until we land back on the Apple Watch sporting the attachable CMRA. The music up to this point has been a steady beat of an electric bass drum.

The video transitions to outdoors at a train station, with the camera getting ready to take a photo of a passing train with the subject’s reflection in it. The music shifts to a light, steady piano, and from here, the ad shifts into a personal note by following two individuals as they make use of the device.

The video makes use of several technological timeline montages from this point, using cameras,  phones, and televisions to lead up to how we now experience and connect with each other through home videos and photos. The message is clear—all of these devices have paved the way for the smartwatch, and, more importantly, the CMRA.

The video closes with a shot of a satellite circling the globe, again with a black backdrop, which gives way to the Apple Watch and attached CMRA in center screen, before going completely black. The logo closes the film, a crisp, sans serif font depicting the CMRA brand with a hollow blue circle at the top right.

With an ad as attractive as this, Apple Watch users will be immediately drawn to the concept of the CMRA, and those who don’t use the Apple Watch will feel that pressing need to go out and buy one.

CMRA: The Camera for Apple Watch is a stunning commercial video.