• Church Candles Online Geometric Logo Design

    The logo design for church candles online represents the juxtaposition of old and new. The new branding coincided with the new launch of their website. The idea was to take the two words, church and candles, and represent them visually in a digital space, as there is no physical storefront.


    The logo mark itself is comprised of shapes that form a digital version of the candle flame, representing the light that comes from a candle. The shapes inside the flame are a visual representation of stained glass, which is displayed in windows of churches all over the world. Hidden inside the stained glass shapes is negative space representing the “light” and depending on your view could be either religious light, or light from the candle itself.

    Church Candles Online Elegant Logo Design

    The colors are cool and inviting, as most of their clientele were church office administrators ordering supplies for upcoming services. With the big departure of the old logo, the client wanted something soothing to usher in the new change, while also appealing to a younger generation of candle purchasers.

    The typeface used in the logo is a san serif font in all caps and kerned to perfection. The online section of the logo was toned back in prominence, centered and used as a base for the entire logo itself. The “i” of online was also turned into a subtle candle.

    Church Candles Online Logo Design

    Church Candles Online is a geometric logo design in the e-commerce & retail industry.